Startup, Research & Innovation Centre

Salient Features

 Target: Universities and colleges worldwide.

 Why EdgeFX Kit: Real solutions creating practical experiences.

 Areas: Electronics, Electrical, Power Electronics, Communication, Robotics, Computer Science.

 Latest technologies including Arduino, IoT, CRO and Non-Microcontroller projects.

 Designed to create 1600+ innovations.

 Exhaustive Documentation, Audio-Visuals and Datasheets.

 Methodology: Project based Learning.

 Support: Train the trainer with exhaustive support.

 Technology Bootcamps for continuous learning.

 LMS: AI based E-Learning


 Develop Concept, fundamentals of prototyping.

 Enable experiential learning, intended to kindle the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

 Platform for teachers and students to improve teaching, learning and research competence.

 Hardware Design and Prototyping of real-time products.

 Learner centric approach/Self-Learning, beyond syllabus.

 Help student participation in National/International competitions.

 Improving employability, quality and equity in engineering institutions.

 Acquire 21st century cognitive abilities like critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, collaboration, leadership and practical skills.

Lab View

Why ‘EdgeFX Startup, Research and Innovation Center’

Existing Labs in Higher Education EdgeFX Innovation Centre
Designed for guided experimenting. Are for open-ended experimenting, with no single solution.
May have expensive or fragile equipment. Have equipment appropriate to the age of the intended students so that they can tinker without the fear of damaging equipment.
Have a static design. Are intended to evolve with the institution.
Activities correspond to topics in textbooks. Are intended towards life and creative skills, certainly not limiting to academics.
Have a fixed curriculum. Have a directional curriculum that is not restrictive.
Provides students with the scope to create and innovate.

EdgeFX Innovation Lab Focus on UNSDG

Innovation Lab Products

Areas: Electronics, Electrical, Robotics, Communication, Power Electronics, Instrumentation, Computer Science, IoT.

EdgeFX DIY STEM Beginners Learning and Innovation Kits

Objective: To help students learn the fundamentals and innovate thereafter.

EdgeFX DIY STEM Kits are based on reusable, color-coded electronic building blocks, designed for ease of use and to feed the curiosity of young minds. EdgeFX STEM Kits come with extensive Audio-Visuals and exhaustive documentation including Assembly Procedure and Troubleshooting with physical diagram, project image and circuit diagram with explanation. Choose from a range of 200+ Real world application projects and fun-filled activities and experiments in Electronics, Arduino and Robotics.

  • Reusable Electronic Building Blocks
  • Electronics/Arduino/Robotics


EdgeFX DIY for Basic to Advanced level Learning and Innovation Kits

Objective: Help students with project based learning, innovation and prototyping from basic to advanced level in Embedded, Communications, Robotics, IOT, Electrical, Power Electronics and build working hardware prototypes.

EdgeFX DIY Innovation Kits consists of 100 numbers beginners to advanced level innovation lab kits with overall 1600+ real-time guided challenges in Embedded, Communications, Robotics, IOT, Electrical, Power Electronics etc. The kits are reusable and powered with stand alone, modular, open-ended breakout boards interconnected with jumper wires. All the guided challenges are completely equipped with circuit schematic, layout diagram, self-explanatory program codes and elaborate documentation enabling further innovations. These are further supplemented with open ended challenges to foster innovation, creative mindset, design thinking and cognitive abilities.

  • Open-ended reusable Breakout Boards
  • 100 products with 1600+ Innovations


EdgeFX DIY Advanced Soldering Kits for High Technology Innovation

Objective: To help students use discrete level components to build working hardware prototypes.

Includes complete hardware including all discrete solderable components, ICs, modules with plain PCB, power supply, tool kit, program burner and a controller for building the project. Extensive documentation for project execution including step-by-step instructions for Circuit building, Assembly procedure and Troubleshooting.

Thorough understanding from the Problem definition to Circuit Design to Programming, Testing, Troubleshooting and finally building a working hardware project. Choose from a range of 400+ Solutions.

  • Discrete Level Components
  • 100+ Products


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