EdgeFX Electronic STEM Kit (10+Robots-In-1) From 12+ Year Onwards

“Empowering students to innovate”.

  • Designed for age group of 12+ years and for Students & Hobbyists aspiring to learn the concepts of electronics in a fun-filled way.
  • 10+ Real time Robotic application projects, activities and experiments. Build both the Robot and the Remote, a one of its kind arrangement. Based on reusable electronic building blocks. Designed to create multiple experiments.
  • Do-It-Yourself, Easy to use and self-explanatory Electronic learning Kit with complete documentation and extensive audio-visuals.
  • Completely safe for use by kids – Kits are powered by mobile charger.
  • Call/Mail for Tech Support from 10 am – 7 pm.

“Come fall in love with electronics”!

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Product Overview

EdgeFX STEM Kits are based on electronic building blocks, designed for easy use and to feed the curiosity of young minds.

Each Block has a defined function. Blocks are in different colors and have Block IDs and polarities on them so that you can easily identify and properly mount them on the base. Blocks are grouped into four different categories like Power, Input, Output and Accessories which are color-coded by function.

EdgeFX STEM Kits come with complete documentation including Assembly Procedure and Trouble shooting and extensive project documentation with physical diagrams, project image and circuit diagram with explanation. The projects include real time examples with fun-filled activities and experiments, to kindle your curiosity. These kits are also mapped to the curriculum.

The Robot is basically divided into two sections namely 1. Transmitter Section and 2. Receiver Section. Here you are remotely controlling the Bot using an RF module of 433 MHz. An RF (Radio Frequency) module is a small electronic device used to transmit and/or receive radio signals between two devices.

You are expected to build both the Robot and the Remote, a one of its kind arrangement.

Building blocks

  • Power Supply
  • Basic Components: Resistors, Transistors and Diodes
  • Manual Inputs: Push Button Switch, Touch Point, Slide Switch
  • Environmental Inputs: Reed Sensors
  • Communication Device: RF Transmitter Unit, RF Receiver Unit
  • Various Outputs: DC Geared Motor
  • Wires and Connectors
  • Mechanical Accessories: Wheels, Clamps, Screws and Nuts, Screwdriver
  • Electrical Accessories: Battery Clips, Cell Case
  • Breadboards for easy circuit building and troubleshooting

Concepts covered

  • Voltage, Current and Resistance
  • Short Circuits
  • Open and Closed circuits
  • Transistor as a switch
  • Polarity in circuits
  • Light and Mechanical energy
  • Motors & Electricity
  • Amplification of current
  • Learning about Bots
  • Learning about Remote
  • Build 10+ Robots and Remotes using different inputs

What You’ll Get

Learning Outcomes

Product Perks

Product Details


Ages 12+

Grades 8 – 12


Height 5cm

Width 16.5cm

Length 22cm


399 Grams




4 Touch point

4 Push Button

8 Transistor BC547

3 Connector PCB

4 Reed

4 Slide Switch

2 Diode 1N4148r

1 Transmitter PCB

1 Receiver Bot PCB


1 Breadboard

Jumper Wires

1 Screw Driver

2 DC Gear Motor

2 Wheels


2 L-Clamps

Screw Nuts

Battery Clip

1 4AA Cell Case

Batteries Not Included