ATAL Tinkering Lab

EdgeFX Assistance and Support

  Detailed explanation about all the components, modules        and material supplied in P1-P4.

  Audio-visuals explaining each and every concept in detail.

  50+ Projects fully explained along with the circuit diagram        to be executed with P1-P4 material.

  STEM-innovation programs/faculty development program.

  Training of Mentors/Teachers by EdgeFX

  EdgeFX will develop network with industries, academia,        research, civil society for knowledge sharing and        mentoring support.

  Setting up the lab as per AIM requirement.

  Access to EdgeFX cloud infrastructure for advanced IOT projects & Activities.

  Assistance for Regional and National Level competitions.

  In organizing Exhibitions/ Fairs/ Carnivals.

  Summer and winter camp design and support.

  ATL Tinkerfest

  ATL Marathon

  Screenings of films.

ATL Lab Setup

Sample Layout of the ATL

ATL Establishment Pictures

ATL Branding as per NITI Guidelines

Equipment supplied

P1- Electronics Development, Robotics, Internet of Things, and Sensors

P2- Rapid Prototyping Tools

P3- Mechanical, Electrical, and Measurement tools

P4- Construction kit, Power Supply, Consumables, Accessories and Safety equipment

EdgeFX support expended for ATL

  EdgeFX has expertise in setting up of ATL with requisite infrastructure as per the AIM guidelines.

  EdgeFX will provide knowledge sharing and mentoring support via its network with industries, academia, research, civil society. EdgeFX will conduct activities like regional and national level competitions, exhibitions, lecture series etc.

  EdgeFX will provide 2 year warranty and 3 year AMC, wherever applicable on all equipment including 3D printers as per AIM guidelines.

  EdgeFX will provide free installation and equipment training after the delivery of the equipment.

  EdgeFX has a mechanism for proper disposal of e-waste.

  EdgeFX will maintain a supply chain of consumables and other items for 5 yrs.

  EdgeFX will help in organising intra and inter-school ATL related events – ATL Tinkerfest, ATL Marathon, ATL mentor sessions, competitions, guest lectures, hands-on workshops for students, training workshops for teachers and community outreach.

  EdgeFX will provide its popular and innovative STEM kits as part of the equipment.

EdgeFX Activities conducted for ATL


EdgeFX Proposed Activities for ATL

  Help schools with programs to teach and explain students about different concepts ranging from ideation, design, prototyping, networking to physical computing.

  Help schools to conduct ATL associated events with other schools

  Help schools to ensure community participation in ATL.

  Help schools with periodic regional and national level competitions.

  Help schools with periodic exhibitions / fairs / carnivals.

  Help schools to conduct workshops on problem solving, designing and fabrication of products.

  Help schools with screening of films and organising popular STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and entrepreneurship talks by reputed speakers.

  Help schools to conduct summer and winter camps.

  Help schools to participate and compete in other STEM related events at the national or international level.

Expert Team

  Mr. UC Patnaik, MTech

  Mr. Mirza Mubeen Baig, BTech

  Mr. G. Niranjan, BSc

  Mr. Srikanth, BSc

  Mr. Mirza Aijaz Baig, BTech

  Mr. Srinivas Tagulla, BTech

  Mr. Narender, BSc

  Mr. Tarun Agarwal, MBA

  Mr. Mahesh, MBA

  Mr. Baktiyar Ahmed, BTech


I am extremely happy with the quick service and quality material provided by EdgeFX. We got all branded material and Dremel 3D printer which is of international standard. I recommend EdgeFX to all the schools for their turnkey solution and services provided for ATL..

Mrs. P. Mangathayaru, Principal, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Karimnagar.

I loved the STEM Kits demonstrated by EdgeFX. I am very confident of their services and am looking forward to a long term relationship with EdgeFX.

Srikanth Reddy, Principal, Slate High School, Adilabad.

EdgeFX has approached us with the right equipment and approach along with the right branding material as per the guidance of ATL. They are really helpful in the setup and implementation of the ATL.

Dr. Gangoriya, Excellence Higher Secondary School, Ghattiya.

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